ࡱ> dfcO Ebjbj hօeօe!# EEEEE4yyyh$yJ"t!!!!!!!$#t&!EQ"QQ!EE"Y!Y!Y!QREE!Y!Q!Y!Y!Y!w9Y!!"0J"Y!&= &Y!&EY!\|Y! d!! J"QQQQ& :  Blackstone Acres LLC 1950 East Sussex Way Suite #119 Fresno, CA 93726 Phone (559) 224-4558 Fax (559) 224-6075 Email: blackstoneacres@rajproperties.com APPLICATION TO RENT Property Address: ________ East Sussex Way Unit # _______, Fresno, CA 93726 Apt Size: studio / 1 / 2 / 3 Rent Amount: $______________ Requested Move-in Date:___________ PERSONAL DATA Name:Date of Birth: / /Other Names Used in the Last 10 Years:SSN: - - Drivers License No: State: US Citizen: ( Yes ( NoPresent Address: City: Zip:Phone: ( ) - Cell Phone: ( ) -Landlord: Phone: ( ) - How Long at Present Address? Reason for Moving: Rent Amount: $Previous Address:How Long at Previous Address?Landlord:Phone: ( ) - Reason for Moving: Rent Amount: $Any Pets? ( Yes ( No Type: Waterbed? ( Yes ( No Aquarium? ( Yes ( No All Other Persons Who Name: ____________________ Relationship: ______________ DOB________ Will Occupy the Unit: Name: ____________________ Relationship: ______________ DOB________ Name: _____________________ Relationship: _____________ DOB________  In Case of Emergency Notify Name: ________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ Relationship: _________________ OCCUPATION PRESENT EMPLOYERPREVIOUS EMPLOYMENTOccupationEmployerBusiness Address Business PhoneName of SupervisorDates of EmploymentFrom: To:From: To: GROSS MONTHLY INCOME Base Employment Income: $ ______________ Overtime: $ ______________ Bonuses/Commissions: $ ______________ Dividends/Interest: $ ______________ Total Employment Income: $ ______________  Other Income: Source: ______________ Amount: $ _________TOTAL GROSS MONTHLY INCOME$ ACCOUNTS BANKBRANCHACCOUNT TYPEACCOUNT NUMBERInstallment ObligationsBalance DueMonthly PaymentCar:Credit Cards: PERSONAL REFERENCES NameStreet AddressCity ZipPhone   BACKGROUND INFORMATION Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? ( Yes ( No Have you ever been evicted or asked to move? ( Yes ( No Do you have any charges pending against you for any criminal offense(s)? ( Yes ( No Have you ever been convicted, or plead guilty, or no contest to any criminal offense(s)? ( Yes ( No Have you ever been convicted of selling, distributing or manufacturing illegal drugs? ( Yes ( No If you answered yes to any of the above questions, give details and dates _____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERRAL Who should we thank for referring you to us? ________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________________________ Address Applicant represents that the above is true and correct and authorizes Landlord/agent to process this application and verify the same. Applicant understands that processing shall include an interview, a credit check and contacting references, employers, or former Landlords or Agents. The processing of this application is conditional on applicants payment of $30.00 non-refundable Processing Fee which is necessary for credit checks, criminal background, administrative and overhead costs. If application is not accepted, Landlord/agent shall notify applicant within three (3) business days of the date hereof. ______ ____________ __________________ AM / PM (Date) (Time) It is understood that the Landlord/agent has made no commitment to rent. If applicant is accepted by Landlord/agent and there is a unit available, Landlord/agent shall then notify the applicant that Landlord/agent will reserve unit number____ at _________________________ in Fresno, California until move-in on _______. At which time applicant shall pay the $_____________ balance of Security Deposit and execute a Rental Agreement and other necessary documents. If the applicant fails to execute the Rental Agreement and the other necessary documents within the time allowed, the unit shall no longer be reserved for applicant and Landlord/agent shall retain the Processing Fee, and $___________ per day damages for lost rent. _________________________________ ____________________ (Landlord/Agent) Date Signed _________________________________ ____________________ (Applicant) Date Signed     Page  PAGE 2 of 3 '2 $ & E F Y V & 3 4 ; < j k r s ɾ}sfsfs\s\sfsfsfsfshZJCJOJQJ jhK+CJOJQJhK+CJOJQJhK+OJQJhK+ hK+9>* hK+9hK+569CJOJQJhK+56CJ,h@X56CJ,hK+56CJ$hCDhCDCJaJhCD56CJ hK+CJhK+56CJhK+56CJ hK+CJjhK+CJUmHnHu$'Rs X Y $Ifdh$a$ ^`@ ^@ @ d^@ $d^`a$pd^p`   "akd$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X$Iftkd$$Ifl40+b0,4 laf4yt@X <  tkd"$$Ifl40 +  0,4 laf4yt@X$If  9 b $Ifakd$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@Xb c "akd$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X$IftkdD$$Ifl40E+b0,4 laf4yt@X W X j k 5akd$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@Xakdf$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X$If ' qkdz$$Ifl4F +=>  0,    4 laf4yt@X$If' ( k5akd$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X$Ifakd $$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X '-AP^j')4ORS[\a),1CM׼ɶɶŝɎhZJhZJCJOJQJaJhZJhK+5CJOJQJhK+CJ OJQJ hK+CJhK+56CJ h@XhK+h7 CJOJQJhK+OJQJhK+CJOJQJhK+CJOJQJ jhK+CJOJQJ6k  &5akd4$$Ifl4+,0,4 laf4yt@X$If &||$If$Iftkd$$Ifl40+ #0,4 laf4yt@X &'234zttt$Ifkd\$$IflTFTx*$$0    4 layt@X45>?@zttt$Ifkd$$Ifl FTx*$$0    4 layt@X@ASTUzttt$Ifkdz$$Ifl.FTx*$$0    4 layt@XUVefgzttt$Ifkd $$IflFTx*$$0    4 layt@Xgh{|}zttt$Ifkd $$Ifl FTx*$$0    4 layt@X}~zttt$Ifkd0 $$IflFTx*$$0    4 layt@X)czxxxre[[[[  $If   d$If$Ifkd $$IflFTx*$$0    4 layt@X 34OQnkdT $$Ifl0*04 la$IfQRS\ahu $$Ifa$$Ifnkd $$Ifl0*04 lajdddd$IfkdX $$Ifl\V *    04 lajdddd$Ifkd $$Ifl\V *    04 lajd^^$If$IfkdT $$Ifl\V *    04 lazttt$Ifkd $$Ifl4F*  0    4 laf4zttt$Ifkdd$$Ifl4F*  0    4 laf4zttt$Ifkd$$Ifl4F*  0    4 laf4 zxvppppp$Ifkd$$Ifl4F*  0    4 laf4 !TNNNNNN$Ifkd$$Ifluro #*   0k+4 layt@X!"#$%&'(TNNNNNN$Ifkd$$Iflro #*   0k+4 layt@X()*+,C}TRRRRMMKgdZJkd$$Iflro #*   0k+4 layt@XMgirsxy|   rsxy&;~ùιvlhCJOJQJhK+>*CJOJQJh>*CJOJQJh7 CJOJQJhK+CJ OJQJhK+hK+OJQJ jhK+CJOJQJhK+CJOJQJhZJhZJCJaJhZJCJOJQJ jhZJCJOJQJhZJhZJCJOJQJaJhZJCJOJQJaJ*}DdlmnMN'()i$a$$a$gd@X$a$ Mhp@]j~ !"$%'(*+-239:;<ABCDE¾¾¾¾h*kh*kOJQJhOJQJhmHnHujh*kOJQJUhh*kOJQJhhbjhbU h7 56 hK+56h7 hK+6h@XhK+h@XhK+CJOJQJhK+CJOJQJ/ !#$&')*,-BCDE$a$2&P:p*k/ =!"# $ %` / 0/ =!"#$%I P + 0/ =!"#$% n csOkz'PNG  IHDRzsRGB pHYs+PLTEٟIDATX=n0yX;TR/A0=E!zDzЕLe@ "N)V~z@ؤБpIYÙHMD >fycY]1,\WD:\.cE=4kR8~T8VϵNs\ꩳI^E-.0'ymT+볹lPA'ar[5?uT rZHݚc؆ |;{`&6T*I}VJLAt02qj>(iaޚ..Դ@5A S|;[GcVnF `vG5i톈-ܳj!pAfݾU6fh~1-/<#N%<IENDB`$$If!vh#vb#v:V l40,,5b54f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v #v :V l40,,5 5 4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v#vc:V l40,,55b4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v=#v> #v :V l40,,5=5> 5 4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v,:V l40,,5,4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v #v#:V l40,,,5 5#4f4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V lT055$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l 0,55$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l.0,55$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l0,55$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l 0,55$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l0,55$4yt@X$$If!vh#v#v$:V l0,55$4yt@Xv$$If!vh#v:V l054$$If!vh#v#v:V l0,554|$$If!vh#v :V l0,5 4|$$If!vh#v :V l0,5 4|$$If!vh#v :V l0,5 4$$If!vh#v#v :V l40,55 4f4$$If!vh#v#v :V l40,55 4f4$$If!vh#v#v :V l40,55 4f4$$If!vh#v#v :V l40,55 4f4$$If!vh#v #v #v #v#v:V lu0k+5 5 5 554yt@X$$If!vh#v #v #v #v#v:V l0k+5 5 5 554yt@X$$If!vh#v #v #v #v#v:V l0k+5 5 5 554yt@Xw2&6FVfv2(&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv8XV~ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@6666_HmH nH sH tH 8`8 Normal_HmH sH tH F@F  Heading 2$@&56CJOJQJB@B  Heading 3$$@&a$5CJF@F  Heading 4$$@&a$ CJOJQJ>@>  Heading 5$dh@&CJDA D Default Paragraph FontVi@V  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List <J@< Subtitle9CJOJQJ@B@@ Body Text$a$ CJOJQJ4@4 Header  !4 @"4 Footer  !DL@RD Date$d0$a$ @OJQJPOBP Inside Address$da$ @OJQJFOABF Inside Address NamePK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭VGRU1a$N% ʣꂣKЛjVkUDRKQj/dR*SxMPsʧJ5$4vq^WCʽ D{>̳`3REB=꽻Ut Qy@֐\.X7<:+& 0h @>nƭBVqu ѡ{5kP?O&Cנ Aw0kPo۵(h[5($=CVs]mY2zw`nKDC]j%KXK 'P@$I=Y%C%gx'$!V(ekڤք'Qt!x7xbJ7 o߼W_y|nʒ;Fido/_1z/L?>o_;9:33`=—S,FĔ觑@)R8elmEv|!ո/,Ә%qh|'1:`ij.̳u'k CZ^WcK0'E8S߱sˮdΙ`K}A"NșM1I/AeހQתGF@A~eh-QR9C 5 ~d"9 0exp<^!͸~J7䒜t L䈝c\)Ic8E&]Sf~@Aw?'r3Ȱ&2@7k}̬naWJ}N1XGVh`L%Z`=`VKb*X=z%"sI<&n| .qc:?7/N<Z*`]u-]e|aѸ¾|mH{m3CԚ .ÕnAr)[;-ݑ$$`:Ʊ>NVl%kv:Ns _OuCX=mO4m's߸d|0n;pt2e}:zOrgI( 'B='8\L`"Ǚ 4F+8JI$rՑVLvVxNN";fVYx-,JfV<+k>hP!aLfh:HHX WQXt,:JU{,Z BpB)sֻڙӇiE4(=U\.O. +x"aMB[F7x"ytѫиK-zz>F>75eo5C9Z%c7ܼ%6M2ˊ 9B" N "1(IzZ~>Yr]H+9pd\4n(Kg\V$=]B,lוDA=eX)Ly5ot e㈮bW3gp : j$/g*QjZTa!e9#i5*j5ö fE`514g{7vnO(^ ,j~V9;kvv"adV݊oTAn7jah+y^@ARhW.GMuO "/e5[s󿬅`Z'WfPt~f}kA'0z|>ܙ|Uw{@՘tAm'`4T֠2j ۣhvWwA9 ZNU+Awvhv36V`^PK! 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